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Ghost Images in 3D - (blog)

Physicists are snapping photos of buildings using light that never left the lab. Using a technique called ghost imaging, scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have proposed a method of three-dimensional remote sensing and used it to take images ...

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Ghost hunters tracking paranormal activity at Nacogdoches hotel - KTRE

The Hotel Fredonia is a landmark in Nacogdoches but rumor has it the place is haunted. Tuesday ghost hunters set out to find if there was any truth to the claims of paranormal activity inside the hotel. "I do experience things; I can feel changes in ...

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Ghost City: 696 Yonge St. -

Ghost City: 696 Yonge St. The Church of Scientology calls this Yonge Street building home, but over the years it's housed... More headlines. Places Mon Jan 28, 2013_9:00 am. How's Business?: Superfuzz Audio... Politics Fri Jan 25, 2013_12:45 pm ...

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Ghost Bridge gone; demolition complete - The Decatur Daily,112175

The 100-year old, single-lane steel truss bridge that spanned Cypress Creek near the entrance to the Forks of Cypress Plantation has been removed. Lauderdale County Engineer Ken Allamel said construction crews will spend a couple more days cleaning ...

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First 3D Images Created With Single Pixel Sensor - MIT Technology Review

Ghost imaging is the extraordinary technique of bouncing a laser beam off an object and making high quality images from the reflected light using a single pixel. This single pixel records many data points which must be stitched together to create the ...

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Fighting the $9B ghost of Lipitor past, Pfizer points to new drugs - FiercePharma

Pfizer ($PFE) racked up a 46% increase in full-year profits. But its sales fell 10%. How so? Pfizer's sale of the nutrition business, which went to Nestle for $11.85 billion, helped boost reported net income to $14.57 billion. It also helped that 2011 ...

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Carole Mallory In 'Picasso's Ghost': Details On Sex With Robert De Niro ... - Huffington Post

In the book, titled "Picasso's Ghost," Mallory gushes about her engagement to Pablo Picasso's son, Claude, as well as her affairs with Richard Gere, Peter Sellers and Robert De Niro -- the latter of whom Mallory said wears socks while having sex ...

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Bigfoot Blamed for Strange Shrieks -

[Rumor or Reality: The Creatures of Cryptozoology]. Surely a group of 8-to-10-foot tall hairy bipedal animals can't be that hard to find if you place cameras around a hotspot of activity and wait a few weeks. Of course covering huge swaths of ...

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Benghazi tries to escape its ghosts, past and present - CNN

(CNN) -- Bilal Bettamer is a 23-year-old student who wants to save Benghazi from those he calls "extremely dangerous people." But his campaign against the criminal and extremist groups that plague the city has put his life at risk, and he says that if ...

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Are Ghosts Real? Science Says No-ooo -

Ghosts have been a popular subject for millennia, appearing in countless stories, from "Macbeth" to the Bible, and even spawning their own folklore genre: ghost stories. Ghosts are perhaps the most common paranormal belief in the world. Part of the ...

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'Ghost Hunters' investigates Peoria Asylum - RedEye Chicago (blog),0,6239249.story

'Ghost Hunters' investigates Peoria Asylum. Email · print. "Ghost Hunters" airs at 8 p.m. CT Wednesdays on Syfy. Related; Ghost Hunters sneak from Peoria Asylum in Bartonville, Ill. VIDEO: Ghost Hunters sneak from Peoria Asylum in Bartonville, Ill ...

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