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  Paranormal Investigators: North America: United States: New Jersey

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Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society

Based out of Salem County, New Jersey, JUMPS is a ghost research organization that provides professional and scientific investigations to clients who believe they are experiencing ghost activity in their home, business, or property. Since 2008, JUMPS has investigated all types of cases. We are a group of individuals with different backgrounds that have come together to help clients understand if the activity they are experiencing is caused by some sort of presence or some other natural source. Our research has made such a huge impact that we are featured in a weekly column in a NJ newspaper called "South Jersey Times."

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The Searchers

The Searchers is a group dedicated to the scientific and academic exploration of events, stories, locations, and experiences related to the paranormal.

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Tri-State Paranormal Research

Details and photographs of investigations into haunted buildings and cemeteries across the state.

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Spiritsearchers Paranormal Investigators

Trained and certified ghost hunters who take a scientific approach to finding hauntings. Will investigate your haunting. Spirit photography and investigation reports.

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South Jersey Paranormal Research

A non profit organization dedicated to research, education, and investigations in the paranormal and ghost fields.

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South Jersey Ghost Research

Conducting ghost research and discreet investigations plus educating and helping the public since 1955.

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SoulTrackers Paranormal Investigations

Details about the organization. Includes articles, statistics, galleries, and forums.

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Randy Liebeck: Paranormal Investigator

Features information on ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, and the investigative methods used by credible researchers.

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PNT-SAI Spirit Activity Investigations

Located in Barnegat. Offers an introduction, the tools used, cases worked on and contact details.

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Keyport Paranormal

Offers help to people who wish to contact friends and loved ones who have passed. Includes the description of a ghost box, and the theories involved, as well as biography, schematics and information on EVP's.

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