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  Paranormal Investigators: North America: United States: Missouri

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Columbia Paranormal Society

We investigate claims of paranormal activity in an attempt to help those experiencing unexplained phenomena.

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TriPAR Paranormal Activity Research

Research group from the Midwest finding scientific evidence of the existence of ghosts. Scientific testing, theories, investigation reports, pictures and videos can be found on this site.

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The D.A.R.K.

Anomalies and paranormal research. Ghost Photos. Located in Missouri.

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Paranormal Activity Investigators

Detailed reports on previous investigations are available; there is also a large collection of picture, audio and video evidence as collected by this group. A section containing ghost stories is included.

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Northeast Missouri Ghosthunters Online provide a list of hauntings in the state, with brief information on each.

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MidNite Walkers Paranormal Research Society

Articles on ghosts and the paranormal, ghost photos, and EVP's.

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Ghosts and Haunts in Missouri

Paranormal research and investigations. Free investigations for St. Louis area residences. Investigation results pages with photos. Database of haunted locations with maps open to the public.

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