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Lakeside Central Paranormal

Lakeside Central Paranormal in based in South Bend, Indiana and easily covers Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. Working with 3 separate teams divided throughout Indiana and one group in Ohio to cover as much area as possible.LCP has the experienced team and resources to handle your investigation both professionally and confidentially. No case is too small or large. We are a professional team of experienced individuals dedicated to finding answers concerning paranormal activity. LCP is a team that is based more on science and logic and will also help you by attempting to debunk as much as we can during our investigation, before we look for a conclusion.

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The Force

Ghost information to the people of the Northwest Indiana region and beyond.

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Indiana Paranormal Investigations

Focused on research, collaboration and answering questions about ghosts and hauntings. They investigate paranormal activities with photography, voice recordings, video and other equipment.

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Indiana Ghost Trackers

Covers most of the state. Includes information about the organization, case files, photographs, EVPs, videos, and educational resources.

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Do You Believe? Ghosts in Southern Indiana

Detailing current and past investigations and list of haunted places in southern Indiana.

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