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Photographing The Paranormal popular

To photograph the paranormal isn't as easy as one could think, orbs or perceived anomalies aren't always paranormal in nature. On This blog, I try to show how you can make the difference.

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AZ Paranormal Investigations & Research Society popular

Our mission is to find answers for the many people that seek our help. Give them some kind of clarification or a direction to follow. We take our evidence gathering very serious. Every bit of video, audio, and still photography is painstakingly reviewed. If some of these levels of media can be cross referenced, then we have some very compelling evidence. AZPIRS is 100% free and all our investigations are totally confidential. We are available to help anyone genuinely in need of answers.

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S&D Paranormal Society, LLC popular

South Jersey based, S&D Paranormal Society is a research team dedicated to helping those who feel haunted by the unknown. We conduct a detailed interview with our client to ensure we have gathered all of the necessary history needed to investigate. With the use of equipment, we capture any and all evidence from our investigations and dissect the research for our clients. Our job is to give you answers, make you feel comfortable in your own space, and give you our undivided attention as a client.

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Massachusetts Paranormal Institute popular

Headquartered on Cape Cod, The Massachusetts Paranormal Institute provides no-cost, professional and discrete, high-tech investigations into the cause and origin of known or suspected paranormal activity by well trained and experienced professional investigators & researchers. MPI also provides multi-media presentations to local organizations. We utilize all protocols available including both scientific and non-scientific methods. Coupled with state-of-the-art equipment and a no nonsense, forensic style of investigation, The Massachusetts Paranormal Institute is unsurpassed in obtaining results. The Massachusetts Paranormal Institute is the direct descendant of Cape Cod Electronic Voice Phenomena or CC-EVP which is credited as being the very first organized paranormal team on Cape Cod, and possibly Massachusetts, specializing in the utilization and promotion of EVP techniques and software during paranormal investigations.

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South West Missouri Paranormal popular

South West Missouri Paranormal Founded January 2012 Located in Joplin, Mo . We are a small team dedicated to Paranormal Research . We adhear to a strict guide line when collecting and going over our evidence. Our founder has 15+ years Experience in the field of Paranormal Science. When we go in to a home or business we are very profestional and curtious we do not allow any "Horse Play" on or near an Investigation Site. Those Investigators that do smoke will and do have an area to smoke away from the site as not to contaminate any photo or video evidence. We do take what we do very serious. We do not allow any Drugs or Alcohol at all at any time while on the job.

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Greek Paranormal Research Team also check out our paranormal network

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Delta Paranormal Society - Jonesboro, Arkansas popular

We are a dedicated team of paranormal investigators based in the Northeast Arkansas city of Jonesboro. We conduct professional and thorough investigations of paranormal activity for anyone having problems in their home or business. We perform these services free of charge to our clients. We are here to help with any hauntings, ghost sightings, or inexplainable activity.

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DarkHour Paranormal Society popular

Based in Rice, Texas. Serving Navarro, Ellis, and Freestone Counties. Will travel in all of Texas. All investigations are Free Of Charge and 100% Confidential

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Bump In ?The Night Paranormal Investigations popular

Bump In The Night Paranormal Investigations Areas Served The greater Chicago-land area and suburbs. Specialties any type of paranormal activity, in any setting, residential, workplace, ect. Details The B.I.T.N. Team is comprised of professional individuals from the fields of law enforcement, education, and trades. We provide discrete scientific investigation services to determine the type of activity occurring, and provide options for resolving the activity if requested.

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South County Investigators of the Paranormal based out of San Luis Obispo County Ca. popular

South County Investigators of the Paranormal (S.C.I.P.) is based out of San Luis Obispo County on the Central Coast of California. We are a scientific based paranormal group dedicated to helping those who are troubled by paranormal activity. We are a non-profit organization, so we do not charge for our services although we do appreciate any donations. Our services include an initial over the phone interview to determine what the client is experiencing is paranormal and then we will research the property in question and conduct a full interview of all persons involved. An investigation using high tech scientific equipment will be done and this usually takes anywhere from a few hours to a full night and sometimes may take a few visits. Afterwards we will analyze all the evidence and meet with the client to review any evidence that we may have gathered from our investigation. We determine what will need to be done in the specific case and after all that is done, we will always follow up with the client to make sure that all is well in the home and with the clients. Cases involving minors are our main priority, so we treat those cases as "urgent" and with delicate care. We do not want to scare the families or the children anymore than is. Please visit our website for more information or to fill out an investigation request form. We would also love to hear your stories and your opinions on our forum! We have a monthly newsletter so dont forget to sign up and we are always looking for more investigators if you are interested. Thank you, the team of S.C.I.P.

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AllyKat Paranormal Investigations popular

A small but professional and dedicated team of paranormal investigators based in the Middle Georgia, USA area. If you suspect you may have paranormal activity in your home or business, we are the ones to call. We serve the entire southeast portion of the USA, and we never charge for our services. Your safety and confidentuality are our utmost concern. Please e-mail us if you need our services.

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Cal Assoc for Paranormal Research popular

Californa Association for Paranormal Research serves Ca and surrounding states. We will investigate or document cases in paranormal and natural phenomena, occult, metaphysical, psychic, exorcisms and more. We link exchange!

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7Paranormal popular

The North east of England's newest and most dedicated team of paranormal investigators. 7Paranormal conduct investigations as a team in preparation for public events where you can ghost hunt with us

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