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The Psychic Vampire Resource and Support Pages popular

A Real vampire resource and support pages, with information on how to feed, links within the vampire community, subtle body information, a lexicon, shielding techniques, psychic lessons, and a public forum.

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The Practice of Psycho-Magickal Vampirism popular

Dedicated to providing information on magickal psychic vampirism.

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SphynxCat's Real Vampires Support Page popular

Support site for real vampires, those who think they might be, or those knowing someone who might be. Includes anecdotes, advice, support and many links. Everyone needs a starting point somewhere, and someone to say they're not alone.

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Providing a support page, directory, community calendar, chatroom, and articles which offer tips and advice.

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Real Vampires popular

An article by Inanna Arthen which relates vampires through historical fiction to modern day realism.

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Nocturnus popular

From the makers of comes a site that deals with vampires, including Sanguinarian, Ageless (Classical or Traditional), Psi and Inheritors.

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Drink Deeply and Dream: The Reality of the Modern-Day Vampire popular

Attempts to explain the realities of vampires, the truths and facts while dismissing the myths and legends. Includes largest real vampire-dedicated ezboard forum for personal interactions as well as real time chat.

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