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What is Otherkin? popular

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Otherkin are a community of people who identify themselves as non-human in all but outward form, contending that they are, in spirit if not in body, creatures traditionally associated with mythology or folklore. Belief in otherkin is related to the changeling concept. The therian, vampire, and draconic subcultures are related to the otherkin community somewhat, and are considered part of it by most otherkin, but are culturally distinct movements of their own despite some overlap in membership. Some may claim to be able to shapeshift mentally meaning that they may experience the sense of being in their particular form while not actually changing physically. The existence of Otherkin is variably explained as being made possible through reincarnation, having a nonhuman soul, ancestry, or symbolic metaphor. Otherkin identify with familiar creatures from mythology, folklore and religion along with various terrestrial animals: angels, demons, dragons, elves, fairies, sprites, aliens. The oldest Internet resource for otherkin is the Elfinkind Digest; a mailing list started in 1990 by a student at the University of Kentucky for "elves and interested observers". Also in the early 1990s, newsgroups such as alt.horror.werewolves and on Usenet, which were initially created for fans of these creatures in the context of fantasy and horror literature and films, also developed followings of individuals who identified as mythological beings. On 6 February 1995, a document titled the "Elven Nation Manifesto" was posted to Usenet, including the groups alt.pagan and alt.magick. On Usenet itself, the document was universally panned and considered to be either a troll or an attempt to frame an innocent party. However, enough people contacted the original author of the Elven Nation post in good faith for a planned mailing list to spin off from it. The modern otherkin subculture grew out of these elven online communities of the early-to-mid-1990s, with the earliest recorded use of the term otherkin appearing in July of 1990 and the variant otherkind being reported as early as April 1990.

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Yet Another Otherkin Site popular

Describes being Otherkin from a personal perspective. Includes reference to KinSouth, a yearly Otherkin gathering in Florida.

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Walking the Thresholds popular

Information, registration, directions, and history for a gathering of Otherkin held yearly.

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The Vampire Connection Pages popular

A message forum to bring people of the vampiric lifestyle together, catering to both psi and blood vampirism as well as therianthropy.

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The Otherkin Community popular

A forum and article resource for otherkin from all over the world.

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The Orange Grove popular

The Orange Grove discussion forum is a peaceful sanctuary for otherkin, therians, vampires, and everyone else to come and relax or play.

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Social Networking for OtherKin popular

A social networking site for the OtherKin community. Build full profiles, chat, post messages, blog, create or join groups.

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Shadow of the Fallen popular

Articles, histories, legends and memories of the Fallen, Shadow and Otherkin. A place for sharing information, to chat, and participate in the forum.

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Realmscape: A Spiritual Resource popular

Information on various spiritual and esoteric topics, but mainly on Otherkin.

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Otherkin.Net popular

A community website, with an introduction, FAQ, and articles addressing issues such as awakening, spirituality and tolerance. Also, humor, links, poetry, filk, stories, mailing lists, chatroom, and event calendar.

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Otherkin Alliance: Connecting Worlds popular

Information about and support for various types of otherkin.

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Lair of the Black Rose popular

A personal website with simple and useful information on otherkin as well as useful and funny links. Contains poetry and rants as well and a daily cartoon.

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KinSpace popular

Devoted to Otherkin. Includes a chatroom and messageboard, as well as articles.

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Emails lists, comprehensive FAQ on who and what being Otherkin means, links to other resources, poetry, stories, and introduction, with a special emphasis on Otherkin Multiples and Hosting.

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Embracing Mystery popular

A message board to share Otherkin knowledge and memories, explore white and dark magick, death, and the 'real world'.

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Elenari Net popular

Articles, history, and community for Elenari on the web.

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Anara's Haven popular

Articles, thoughts and rants from a Vampiric Fae perspective.

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