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Mystery Shopping

Golden Nag Champa Incense, Red Nag Champa Incense,Agarbatti Exporters in India popular

Vijayshreefragrance is one of the leading companies in Bangalore, manufacturing the Golden Nag Champa Incense, Red Nag Champa Incense. We are number one manufacturers and Exporters of Incense Sticks Manufacturers in India, Agarbatti Exporters in India.

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Paranormal Forums

The Haunted Haven popular

An online community providing a safe-haven website and paranormal chat room for people to share their paranormal experiences with a group of true believers. We want others to know they are not alone and we are here to help by connecting them with others and finding local paranormal investigators for users experiencing hauntings, ghosts, demons, spirits or otherwise.

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Paranormal news 2013

April Fool's: NIMBYs vs YIMBYs at new Homestead arena - Vail Daily News popular

The message will ask extraterrestrials: “When you come searching for intelligent life, would you please bring more Taco Bell Cool Ranch Dorito tacos? We REALLY have the munchies.” Join the Conversation View and add comments ». A Facebook account is ...

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Best Shots Comic Reviews: AQUAMAN #29, ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER #1 ... - Newsarama popular

Instead of flaming motorcycles alongside tumbleweeds, this is a slicker, shinier Ghost Rider, drag-racing through the neon streets of East Los Angeles. He may not be the Ghost Rider you remember - but he's a Ghost Rider who deserves a chance to ride.

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Ghost Recon Phantoms video details new updates - popular

... will be made available. In the video below, Simon Davis, design manager for Ghost Recon Phantoms at Ubisoft Singapore, discusses the title's new matchmaking system and 'ModMaster' weapon customisation system, among other planned updates.

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HIMYM's Lily and Marshall, TV's Best Couple - Vulture popular

Marshall believes the “truth is out there” when it comes to Sasquatch, extraterrestrials, and other unexplained phenomena. They are willing to live with each partner's foibles, but are not beyond curbing each others' excesses when they spiral out of ...

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Jeri Rowe: A Ghost Bike Returns - Greensboro News & Record (blog) popular

Melanie Harless, the widow of High Point firefighter Todd Martinez, painted the ghost bike in honor of her husband late Monday afternoon in the parking lot of Cycles de ORO. “Anything - everything to make an impression,'' she wrote in an e-mail.

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Laptop Shoppers: Exorcise the Ghost of Windows XP - Re/code popular

Still, there is one big reason to get a new laptop this spring, and it's a ghost from the past: Windows XP, which was designed in 1999 and launched in 2001. On April 8, Microsoft will finally cease supporting XP, and won't even be issuing security ...

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Louisville Native Danica Novgorodoff Chases Ghost Brides in Her New Graphic ... - WFPL popular

Danica Novgorodoff's new graphic novel, "The Undertaking of Lily Chen," is set in the mountains of northern China, where the ancient custom of ghost brides — the practice of burying a female corpse with an unmarried deceased man so they can be mates ...

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March 30, 2014 1:01 am - Newton Kansan popular

Crawford is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotist from Moore, Okla. His Hesston College show is a family-friendly event and is appropriate for all ages. He will hypnotize a small number of participants on stage so that they become the stars of ...

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Miley Cyrus gets photobombed by ghostly orbs in selfie - popular

She had multiple paranormal experiences in a London apartment that she lived in during her European tour in 2009. She claims that the place was extremely haunted and that she was terrified. "I was touring in Europe and I needed a home base. I used to ...

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Paranormal news 2014

Twisted Believers: Paranormal Link to Tornadoes? - The Weather Channel popular

In the world of weather, there are meteorologists, climatologists, storm chasers, and everyday weather enthusiasts...and then there are the believers. This two-part special profiles average Americans with extreme or unconventional beliefs surrounding ...

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Columbia hypnotist brings language background to career - Baltimore Sun popular

After a few months with no success, the former Air Force linguist made a bold decision to become a hypnotist. Earlier this month, Knight celebrated the one-year anniversary of her business, Hypnosis Columbia. She recently moved into an office at ...

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A Melancholy Short Film About an Elusive London Monster - io9 popular

One of the fascinating things about this movie is the way Rowson offers us a skeptic's view of cryptozoology, but also mourns the loss of imagination that skepticism brings. There's also a well-observed set of causal connections between each person's ...

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction trailer teases trouble in Episode 2, 'Mayday' - Polygon popular

A new trailer for the second episode of Call of Duty: Ghosts' content for Extinction Mode, "Mayday," reveals that all is not well for the Quick Reaction Force team. Extinction's first episode, "Nightfall," followed the four-man team to a remote ...

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Paranormal Organizations

The Lost Woods Society popular

The Lost Woods Society (formerly as the DAO) is a group of dedicated paranormal researchers and investigators who explore our mysterious world looking to understand the link between this world and the world(s) beyond. We investigate from various hauntings, to UFO and Cryptid reportings, earthly wonders such as ley lines and ancient places, to reports of possessions and occult activity.

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Personal Pages

Tarot Y Videncia Online popular

Las cartas del tarot son cartas especiales que deben ser manejados e interpretados por una persona con experiencia que es capaz de descifrar los símbolos y los resultados de la adivinación .

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Psychic Reading

Insight and Vision: Psychic Readings by Madeline Rose and Co popular

Authentic and genuine. Clairvoyant readings by accurate psychics, numerologists, tarot readers and astrologists. We can assist with insight into Love, Career, Money, Grief and Loss, Divorce, Infidelity, plus many other issues. We have hire-agreements with genuine readers only: those who are naturally gifted and who don't keep records of your reading. Ultimately, you are the creator of your destiny - we just help you to see your way through the mist of confusion.

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Religion & Spirituality

The Cult of the Dark Mater popular

This group speaks about the Dark Mother Mysteries. We address tantra, Shakti initiations, healings of past traumas, chakra realignment, Divine Union, Sacred Sex, and other Goddess Mysteries. We also have a resident Oracle who reads all oracular tools, and offers healing to those in need. All are welcome to contribute their insight.

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