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Ghosts > Image Galleries

Ghost Report popular

Ghost Sightings, Ghost Videos, Pictures and News from beyond!

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Street Hypnosis popular

Street Hypnosis, Hypnosis training, Hypnotism training, Street Hypnosis Courses, Learn Street Hypnosis

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Mystery Shopping

ceramic rings popular

Choose from an attractive range of designer ceramic rings for wedding. This unique and revolutionary material offers an alternative that is strikingly different. Ceramic rings are a pleasure to wear with its nearly invisible feel and shiny, smooth gloss. These rings are just perfect for those who are trendy and stylish.

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Out of Body Experiences


Out of body travel known as the O.B.E. phenomenon (out of body experiences) which the person perceives out of their physical body. This course offers beginners the development of a key for safe entry into the astral world, which will protect him during the whole astral journey. This course offers the more advanced, who already travel astrally, an orientation in the astral world, as this course contains a map of the astral world!!! This map is divided into respective realms. It has indications as to which realms are fully safe and which ones are dangerous (where it’s necessary to be very careful). We will explain to you in a nutshell how to communicate with elemental beings and how to safely ask them for your wishes. Furthermore this course will lead you into the temple of wisdom, the temple of destiny (where you could look at you past, present and future) and other places that could be very beneficial for you in everyday life. The following are included in the price of this course: study materials sent in electronic form + in case of interest, two at least 15 min of consultation over email, Skype or yahoo. Every participant of our course will receive a certificate of completion after a short test.

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The Paranormal Survival Guide popular

A complete guide of tried and tested practical techniques to countermeasure and defend against paranormal phenomena such as ghosts, parasites, demons, possessing entities, occult attacks, sleep paralysis attacks and out of body combat.

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Paranormal Directories

California Society for Paranormal Assistance & Research popular

We are here so you no longer need to be alone. California Society for Paranormal Assistance & Research (CSPAR)

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Paranormal Investigators

AZ Paranormal Investigations & Research Society popular

Our mission is to find answers for the many people that seek our help. Give them some kind of clarification or a direction to follow. We take our evidence gathering very serious. Every bit of video, audio, and still photography is painstakingly reviewed. If some of these levels of media can be cross referenced, then we have some very compelling evidence. AZPIRS is 100% free and all our investigations are totally confidential. We are available to help anyone genuinely in need of answers.

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S&D Paranormal Society, LLC popular

South Jersey based, S&D Paranormal Society is a research team dedicated to helping those who feel haunted by the unknown. We conduct a detailed interview with our client to ensure we have gathered all of the necessary history needed to investigate. With the use of equipment, we capture any and all evidence from our investigations and dissect the research for our clients. Our job is to give you answers, make you feel comfortable in your own space, and give you our undivided attention as a client.

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Paranormal news 2013

Former Miss North Carolina will be an Assistant in the New A&E Series 'Psychic ... - The Inquisitr popular

During her search for a day job to cover her expenses while auditioning for roles, she landed a position as an assistant to Tia Belle, a psychic medium prominently featured on the popular A&E series, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” As a result of ...

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Las Vegas: Paranormal conference to seek the spirits of Sin City - - Los Angeles Times popular,0,7253819.story

Local ghost hunters Robert George Allen and Janice Oberding are hoping for plenty of paranormal activity over the course of three days. A planned seance will try to put participants in touch with Liberace. The legendary entertainer, who died in 1987 ...

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Peaceful Movie Aliens: 15 Visitors That Proved No Threat to Mankind - Moviefone popular

Who doesn't like to dream of a day when extraterrestrials arrive and only want to communicate, provide us with renewable energy alternatives, and be our best friends. Instead, we tend to get movies about nasty, ugly, lethal aliens, especially because ...

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Escape From Planet Earth - Variety popular

Shanker (William Shatner, clearly enjoying himself) has been inventing high-tech products and procedures – like cell phones, the Internet and computer-generated animation -- with the help of extraterrestrials who came to Earth in peace, but were ...

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Madame Chlojoes Psychic Conference Championship Sunday Preview - The Faster Times popular

Three are injured on the set of ESPN Countdown when Keyshawn Johnson violates Chris Berman's no sombrero rule, turmoil ensues and the set collapses. Kurt Menafee and James Brown switch spots on the CBS and Fox pregame shows; no one notices.

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Paranormal Organizations

Mon Valley Paranormal Research Society popular

MVPRS conducts professional, client based investigations to those in need. We can be contacted on our website, and we investigate anywhere in the Mon Valley, parts of Ohio, and parts of West Virginia. We also stretch north of Pittsburgh.

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Paranormal Investigation and Ghost Hunting Store popular

Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society APIRS online sture has the latest equipment and technology available to the Paranormal researcher. AZPIRS is authorized resellers for Kll Meters, DAS/Pro-Measurement ( Makers of Mel Meter & SB7 Spirit Box), Phantom Lites and Digital Dowsing (Ovilus 3) and home to the PARA-RIG We are investigators selling to fellow investigators with over 15 years experience. Every piece of gear that is in our store AZPIRS either owns or have personally used on investigations. AZPIRS will NEVER sell you an item that we are unfamiliar with or without first hand experience.

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MoonWhisper popular

MoonWhisper online since 1999 is your celestial psychic guide and mystic bazaar. We also have a shop located at 29 Main St Highland NY 12528 We offer many free services like a psychic community,horoscopes,tarot readings and 22 oracles online.

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Psychic Reading

astrorealm astrology popular

we offer a free psychic and past life reading based on your birth chart we also offer ways to develope your psychic abilitiies through astrology we also offer compatibility or synastry reports and free monthly horoscopes

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My Psychic Readings popular

Detailed information about psychic readings, including advice on how to find a psychic who suits your needs.

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Psychic Readings popular

Psychic readings by trusted mediums, psychics and clairvoyants from The Circle of Professional Clairvoyants.

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Free Horoscopes popular

Free horoscopes based on real astrological calculations. Here you can find free Daily Horoscope, Personal Horoscope, Love and Relationship Compatibility Horoscope, the Lunar Calendar and a lot more free astrological information and calculations.

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Horoscope Reading popular

Your horoscope reading Discover the story of your life

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UFO sightings popular

We are trying offer you the latest ufo sightings, videos, news and informations. Our sections include UFO cases, UFO photos and UFO videos.

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