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University of Utrecht: Soft Condensed Matter Department popular

Research is focused on the quantitative 3D real-space analysis and manipulation of colloidal structures and processes.

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University of Cambridge: Biological and Soft Systems

The group at the Cavendish Laboratory aims to study, via experiment, theory and computer modelling, a diverse range of phenomena at the mesoscale.

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A physics and chemistry wiki dedicated to the thermodynamics of simple liquids, complex fluids and soft condensed matter.

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Memorial University of Newfoundland: Self Assembly in Soft Matter

Structure and Kinetics and Material Science in Complex Fluids: Colloids, Liquid Crystals, Micro-emulsions, Surfactant Mesophases, Photonic Bandgap Materials.

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Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces

Colloid and interface research is concerned with structures that are much larger than atoms, yet are considerably smaller than the macroscopic objects that can be directly perceived.

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Harvard University: Experimental Soft Condensed Matter

The group of David A. Weitz works on the physics of soft condensed matter, materials which are easily deformable by external stresses, electric or magnetic fields, or even by thermal fluctuations.

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Case Western Reserve University: Soft Condensed Matter Theory Group

Research on theoretical models and computer simulations of soft condensed matter systems, focusing on the connections between molecular and macroscopic behavior.

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