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  Condensed Matter Physics: Phase Transitions

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University of Colorado, Boulder: AMO Theory Group popular

Includes information on the group members, a list of publications and related links.

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Superconductor Information for the Beginner

Informative and well illustrated pages for a global view of superconductor field.

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Rice University: Atomcool

Investigation of atoms at temperatures approaching absolute zero. At these low temperatures, atoms start to behave less like particles and more like waves, according to the laws of quantum mechanics.

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Quantum Phase Transitions

Introduction to the subject and outline of the book by Subir Sachdev.

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Materials Science Institute of Madrid: Low Temperature Physics

Activities in Higher Education and Research in low temperature physics. Included are resources used in teaching, many recent publications, some talks and videos of experiments at low temperatures.

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JILA: Bose-Einstein Condensation

Information about Bose-Einstein Condensation. Includes educational material on BEC and information on current research and publications.

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Florida State University: National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

The NHMFL develops and operates high magnetic field facilities that scientists use for research in physics, biology, bioengineering, chemistry, geochemistry, biochemistry, materials science, and engineering.

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Extreme Pressure DAC Laboratory

The detailed investigation of different materials at ultrahigh pressures and high temperatures by using the diamond anvil cell (DAC).

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Ames Laboratory: Novel Materials and Ground States

Information and photos about the research group led by Dr. P. C. Canfield. The group is mostly dedicated to the design, growth and characterization of novel electronic and magnetic compounds and the study of their physical properties.

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