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The Minima of Algol

An article by Alan MacRobert from Sky and Telescope Magazine about the star Algol (Beta Persei) was the first eclipsing variable star ever discovered.

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Information Bulletin on Variable Stars

The IBVS is a bulletin of Commissions 27 and 42 of the International Astronomical Union, published by Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, Hungary.

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General Catalog of Variable Stars Research Group

Research group working on the GCVS, Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow, Russia. Includes catalogs and publications.

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Brigham Young University Variable Star Database

Currently contains 311 stars which have been classified as Delta Scutis or Gamma Doradus in some published source.

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Astronomy On-Line

Collaborative Project aimed at getting new people involved in variable star observing.

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American Association of Variable Star Observers

The largest organization for variable stars: provides professional and amateur collaboration, research, and analysis of variable star observations.

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A Ritzian Interpretation of Variable Stars

A study on the nature of the speed of light in space using light curves and spectroscopic observations of variable stars as evidence.

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