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Very-Late-Type Spiral and Irregular Galaxy Supernova Search

Current statistics of search at University of Iowa, movies of observed SNe. The rates in Sdm-Sm and Irr galaxies seem to be higher even than in late type Sbc-Sd galaxies.

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Supernovae: The Force Behind Great Ice Ages

Paper by James Marusek describing how a string of nearby supernova events produce and reinvigorate ice ages.

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Supernova, by HEASARC

HEASARC: High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center provides a short article regarding the high-energy aspects of supernovae explosions.

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SNEWS: SuperNova Early Warning System

Network utilizing neutrino detectors to detect neutrino burst from supernova in order to provide a prompt alert to astronomers.

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Remnant of Chinese Supernova

Scientists using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory have found new evidence that a pulsar in the constellation of Sagittarius was created when a massive star exploded, witnessed by Chinese astronomers in the year 386 AD.

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Masi Astro Images Photometry

Site intro in English and Italian. A short list of Supernovae and variable star images.

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International Supernovae Network

Includes recent discoveries and technical information about finding supernovae.

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Curious about Astronomy: Supernovae

Article on these catastrophic stellar deaths, with answers to many questions people have asked.

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