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The Formation of Binary Stars

Recent observational investigations of the frequency of occurrence of pre-main-sequence binary stars have reinforced earlier suspicions that binary formation is the primary branch of the star-formation process

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The Double Star Library

A means by which various types of binary and multiple star information can be easily disseminated among binary star astronomers in IAU Commission 26 and related commissions.

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The Binary Pulsar: PSR 1913+16

Information on the PSR 1013+16 pulsar, a part of a binary system, the discoverers of which won the Nobel Prize in 1993.

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Mass Transfer in the Binary Star Algol

This site shows the dynamic hydrodynamic models have shown that the circumstellar flow in Algol is relatively independent of the initial speed and direction of the tidal stream. Rather, the flow dynamics are determined primarily by the strength of radiative cooling, which depends on the density of the gas in the mass transfer stream.

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International Astronomical Union

Organization based in Hungary that studies binary stars.

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Interacting Binary Stars

Nice click-through tour with some great animations about some of the complexities of Binary Systems.

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Hubble Separates Stars In The Mira Binary System

Hubble Space Telescope News Release/Paper about the discovery of the atmospheric interaction between the giant star Mira and its white dwarf companion star.

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Eclipsing Binary Stars

Information on binary stars and links to online articles.

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Double Stars to Follow

A five-part article by Martin Gaskell of the Prairie Astronomy Club.

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Binary Star Simulation

This JAVA simulation allows the user to set the masses, orbital separation, orbital eccentricity, the inclination angle to the line of sight, and the angle of the nodes of an orbiting star pair.

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Astronomical League Double Star Club

The purpose of the Double Star Club is to introduce observers to 100 of the finest double and multiple stars in the heavens.

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