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The Sky in your Computer

Freeware and shareware software relating to Astronomy and Science, for all OS (PC, Mac, Linux, BeOS, Palm), and with a special section devoting to Education.

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The Digital Universe

Simulation package for the amateur or professional observer. [Commercial]

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Starry Night Education

Interactive astronomy curriculum to help teachers inspire and engage astronomy and space science students across all levels of knowledge and ability.

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Project CLEA

Provides laboratory exercises that illustrate modern astronomical techniques using digital data and color images. They are suitable for high-school and college classes at all levels. Each CLEA laboratory exercise includes a dedicated computer program, a student manual, and a technical guide for the instructor. [Freeware - Windows, Macintosh]

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Planet Tracker

Classroom-oriented software to teach the concepts of planetary motion. [Commercial, demo available - DOS]

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Jackson and Tull: PCs in Space

Interactive educational Earth and space science software designed to be used by persons with minimal computer skills. Children can easily direct their own learning by running the modules themselves. [Freeware - Win95, Macintosh]

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GeoAstro Applet Collection

Interactive Java applets display the position, daily and annual path of the sun and the moon, for any time and location. [Online - not available for any PC platforms]

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Eclipsing Binary Simulator

Application to visualize the orbit and synthetic light curve of binary star systems. Includes information about this phenomenon, screenshots of the program, list of features and free download.

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CERES Project

Through funding from NASA, faculty at Montana State University and classroom teachers from across the nation have developed an extensive library of on-line and interactive K-12 science education materials for teaching astronomy. [Online, multimedia]

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Astronomy Multimedia Presentations

Created at the University of Florida's Astronomy Department, they are free to download as PowerPoint presentations or to view using a web browser or the RealPlayer plugin.

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Eight interactive levels covering various aspects of the universe. [Commercial - Windows]

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