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Star Shack Outreach Planetarium

Offers a portable, digital planetarium in North Central Florida available for in-school planetarium field trips and youth groups.

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Provides a range of educational space and astronomy services to schools across Western Australia and astronomy products to both schools and to the general public throughout Australia.

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Astronomy books, software, star atlases, observing guides, Earth imagery and space related products.

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Portable Planetariums

Offering an inflatable dome with educational cylinders. Features photographs, and description in English, Spanish and Russian.

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Mobile Planetarium

We provide a mobile planetarium and natural history shows (rocks, soils, fossils and dinosaurs) to schools with 3D pictures in all our shows. See the power of 3D images to illustrate science and to stimulate young minds.

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MMI Corporation

Educational materials including AV, models, globes, portable and permanent planetariums. Catalog available.

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Learning Technologies, Inc.

Portable planetarium and low-cost hands-on science materials.

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Eclipse Masters

Designs and manufactures various products in the areas of astronomy, entertainment, optics, as well as unique advertising items.

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Digitalis Education Solutions

Affordable digital planetarium projector for use in portable or small fixed domes; inflatable domes from 4 to 7 m.

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Offers astronomical instruments including lenses, telescopes, inflatable dome planetariums, and projectors. Includes a transportable planetarium and stellar projector that accurately represents the celestial sphere. In Spanish and English.

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