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Interstellar Molecules evolutionary cycle popular

Evolutionary cycle of Interstellar Organic Molecules - Fullerenes, PAHs, Polyyenes, and biomolecules.

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The UCL Centre for Cosmic Chemistry and Physics

University College London. Research into the chemistry which occurs throughout the universe in interstellar space.

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Interstellar Medium Learning pages

About ISM from history of observation to current status of understanding.

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Dr. Seth Redfield

Description and visualizations of the Local Interstellar Cloud, a column density calculator for it, and links to popular articles and research papers.

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Cyanodiacetylene: Spectroscopy and Photochemistry

Paper by Marcin Gronowski, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences. Results of spectroscopy, photochemistry and theoretical study on the cyanodiacetylene and related isomers in the interstellar medium.

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