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Transits of Venus

Transits in the past and on June 8, 2004.

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The Transit of Venus & The Quest For The Solar Parallax

Excerpt of a book by David Sellers (Leeds, England). Covers the history of trying to find the Earth-Sun distance and how planetary transits played a part in that.

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The 1882 Transit of Venus: Observations from Wellington, South Africa

Describes the development of a higher education facility for women in South Africa and the events that led to the American scientific expedition to be able to view the astronomical phenomena. Page includes background of key participants, as well as photos of the original telescope and observatory.

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No. 1303: Transit of Venus

Transcript of a radio show describing 18th century expeditions. Link to the audio.

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Lecture 26: How Far the Sun?

From an introductory astronomy course, describes expeditions which observed the 18th century transits.

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