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USNO PMM Star Catalogs

USNO is making the USNO-SA2.0 catalog (54,787,624 stars in all on one CD-ROM) available for free. The full USNO-A2.0 catalog (526,230,881 stars on 10 CD-ROMs) is also available provided you can provide a brief explanation of why USNO-SA2.0 is not sufficient. That's information on over half a billion stars!

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The Hipparcos Space Astrometry Mission

European Space Agency's Hipparcos mission. Research tools, news, catalogues, education resources, and data.

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The Hipparcos Catalogue

A form that gives access to the catalogue of results from the Hipparcos mission.

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The Double Star Library

The Double Star Library hopes to be a means by which various types of binary and multiple star information can be easily disseminated among binary star astronomers in IAU Commission 26 and related commissions.

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The 50 Nearest Stars

Table with details about the 50 nearest stars. Names, distances, constellations, spectral types, magnitudes and coordinates.

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Nstars Online Spectra

A spectroscopic survey of 3600 nearby stars within 40pcs earlier than M0. Contains real-time spectral plots, and coordinate lists. Also MK standards.

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GSC - The Online HST Guide Star Catalogue

Provides access to the all-sky astrometric and photometric catalogue from the set of two CD-ROMs produced by the Space Telescope Science Institute through its Catalogs and Surveys Branch.

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A New Reduction of the Hipparcos Catalogues

ESA announcement of a recalculation of the data which improves accuracy by compensating for systematic errors of thermal and micrometeoritic origin.

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