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Topological Defects and Cosmology

Thorough review of the formation of defects and their consequences for cosmology. By Robert H. Brandenberger.

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Topological Defects

Introductory set of lecture notes (postscript) on topological defects, the description and properties of cosmic strings, and observational consequences. Lectures given by S. J. Poletti at the 1995 Australia National University physics summer school.

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Formation, Interaction and Observation of Topological Defects

An introduction to the formation of defects in first-order phase transitions, the way these defects interact, and observational signatures of cosmic strings. Les Houches lectures by Tanmay Vachaspati, suitable for graduate students.

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Cosmology from Topological Defects

Alejandro Gangui's graduate-level lecture notes about the possible cosmological role and observational signatures of topological defects. Based on lectures delivered at the Xth Brazilian School on Cosmology and Gravitation in 2002.

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Cosmic Strings and other Defects

Series of texts describing the basics and some of the consequences of topological defects in the universe. Part of the public pages of the relativity group at Cambridge University.

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Cosmic Strings

Extensive review of the field-theoretical foundations and the dynamics of cosmic strings and other topological defects. Suitable for students with previous knowledge of field theory and cosmology. By M. B. Hindmarsh and T. W. B. Kibble.

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