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University of Kansas Cosmology Group

Pages describing the group's research on structure evolution in the universe, its activities, and personnel.

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Tufts Institute of Cosmology

Group homepage which includes information about research areas, staff, recent events, and seminars, as well as a number of links to other cosmology sites.

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Max Tegmark

Personal homepage of cosmologist Max Tegmark (MIT). Includes useful material about the cosmic background radiation (movies and data analysis efforts), but also about the foundations of quantum mechanics.

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Galaxy Formation and the Intergalactic Medium Group, University of Texas at Austin

Lists group members and summarizes the research of Paul Shapiro's group. Research topics include the chemistry of the early universe, structure formation, and magnetohydrodynamic simulations of superbubbles in the galactic disc and halo.

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Cosmology Group at the University of Kentucky

Description of the group's research, which focuses on the numerical simulation of large-scale structure formation and the development of robust statistical measures for describing the resulting distribution. Includes information on the group's members as well as links to related sites.

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Center for Cosmology at UCI

This center within the School of Physical Sciences is researching topics linked to the origin and evolution of the Universe. Provides information on the research, education, news and events.

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Caltech Observational Cosmology Group

Group homepage, with descriptions of the various missions the group is involved in (including BOOMERanG and Planck). Includes information about group members and seminars.

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