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Universe Today: The Universe is Not Expanding Uniformly

Article about a finding by Mike Hudson of the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, that different parts of the Universe are expanding at different rates.

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Topology of the Universe

A simple introduction to the idea that the universe might have a more complicated shape than is usually assumed, and to the consequences of that idea. Written by Mark Baltovic; uses simple mathematical concepts only.

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Multidimensional Gravity and Cosmology

Review article by V. N. Melnikov on exact solutions in multidimensional cosmology. Based on talks given at the eigth Marcel Grossmann Meeting, in Jerusalem.

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Minkowski Functionals in Cosmology

A brief (if technical) tutorial on the basic features of Minkowski functional, a new class of morphological measures. Includes information on their practical application for simulation data and galaxy redshift catalogues. By J. Schmalzing, M. Kerscher, and T. Buchert.

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MACHO Project

Homepage of a collaborative research project which uses gravitational lensing to examine the hypothesis that a significant part of dark matter consists of objects such as brown dwarfs or planets. These objects are collectively known as MAssive Compact Halo Objects, or MACHOs (McMaster University).

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Current Trends in Mathematical Cosmology

Technical article which reviews current unsolved problems in mathematical cosmology, including the question of singularities, problems associated with the definition and asymptotic structure of the notion of cosmological solutions, and problems related to the qualification of approximations. By Spiros Cotsakis (University of the Aegean).

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Cosmic Topology

Technical article by M. Lachieze-Rey and J. P. Luminet about cosmic topology: global properties of the universe that are not restricted by general relativity.

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