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  Artificial Life: Particle Swarm: Papers

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2002 - Adaptive Control Utilising Neural Swarming

PSO is used to adjust the network weights, with the Adaptive Neural Swarming method, the controller could adapt to environmental changes. It is tested in a real-world task of controlling a simulated non-linear bioreactor.

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2001 - Practical Distribution State Estimation Using Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization

A hybrid PSO is proposed by introduction of the natural selection mechanism. The authors demonstrated hybrid PSO is better than original version on distribution state estimation problems.

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2000 - Cooperative Learning in Neural Networks using Particle Swarm Optimizers

A paper by Frans van den Bergh and Andries P. Engelbrecht, South Africa. The interesting point is that they split the input vectors to several sub-vectors, each which is optimized cooperatively in its own swarm.

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1995 - Particle Swarm Optimization

A concept for the optimization of nonlinear functions using particle swarm methodology by James Kennedy and Russell Eberhart. This is the first paper talking about PSO.

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