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The Computational Beauty of Nature

Companion site for the book by Gary William Flake. Contains applets and source code for simulations of fractals, chaos, complex systems, and adaptation.

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Literature Information and Documentation System. A large BibTeX database covering 25 years of Artificial Intelligence research with more than 40,000 entries.

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LIDO AI Bibliographic Database

"The LIDO MAILSERVER for AI literature at the University of Saarbruecken, Germany, allows for the retrieval of bibliographic information on AI-related publications via electronic mail. The references are returned in LaTeX (Bibtex) format or in a refer-like format."

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Intelligent Systems Report

Monthly newsletter featuring news and applications of such intelligent technologies as artificial intelligence, expert systems, neural networks, fuzzy logic systems, virtual reality, interactive multimedia and speech recognition.

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Evolutionary Computation

"Evolutionary Computation provides an international forum for facilitating and enhancing the exchange of information among researchers involved in both the theoretical and practical aspects of computational systems of an evolutionary nature. The journal publishes both theoretical and practical developments of computational systems drawing their inspiration from nature, with particular emphasis on evolutionary models of computation such as genetic algorithms (GAs), evolutionary strategies (ESs), classifier systems (CSs), evolutionary programming (EP), and other evolutionary computation techniques."

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Decision Support Systems

"Decision Support Systems welcomes contributions on the concepts and operational basis for DSSs, Techniques for implementing and evaluating DSSs, DSS experiences, and related studies. In treating D S topics, manuscripts may delve into, draw-on, or expand such diverse areas as artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computer supported cooperative work, data base management, decision theory, economics, linguistics, management science, mathematical modeling, operations management systems, ad others. The common thread of articles published in the journal will be their relevance to theoretical, technical DSS issues."

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CSLI Publications' Home Page

CSLI Publications reports new development in the study of language, information, logic, and computation. CSLI Publications publishes books, lecture notes, monographs, technical reports, working papers, and conference proceedings. Our aim is to make new results, ideas, and approaches available as quickly as possible.

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Artificial Superintelligence

Excerpt and summary, research and creation of artificial systems with encyclopedic intelligence.

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AI Search Techniques Using Java

On-line book, covering AI's history, search algorithms, and the Java source code.

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AI and Cog Sci papers from Indiana Univ

Archive of artificial intelligence and cognitive science papers from Indiana university, primarily from the case-based reasoning group.

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ACM Crossroads AI Features Intelligence

ACM Crossroads is the student magazine of the Association for Computing Machinery and has published many articles about topics in Artificial Intelligence.

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