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  Artificial Intelligence: Creativity

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William H. Calvin

Theoretical neurophysiologist and author of "The Cerebral Code", and "How Brains Think".

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SWALE Project Home Page: Case-Based Creativity

This site, maintained by David Leake at Indiana University, describes the SWALE project's case-based reasoning approach to generating creative explanations. A simplified version of the SWALE code is available.

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Stephen L. Thaler

Creator of the neural-network based Creativity Machine. Thaler has proposed it as a model of consciousness in which a neural network manifests what he calls a stream of consciousness while a second network filters the outputs from the first network. Thaler claims that these immense neural network cascades are capable of human level invention, discovery, and artistic creativity. Holds patents in the areas of neural networks, optimization, and the construction of sentient machines.

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Raul Valdes-Perez

Papers on scientific discovery and applications to chemistry.

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Melanie Mitchell

Currently at the Santa Fe Institute. Melanie Mitchell developed Copycat as part of her dissertation work with Douglas Hofstadter on cognitive modeling of high-level perception and analogy-making.

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Margaret Boden

Author of "The Creative Mind: Myths and Mechanisms", Boden's interests are in the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques for understanding human creativity.

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Chris Thornton

Collection of papers relevant to artificial creativity and intelligence.

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Ashok Goel

Ashok Goel is an Associate Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science at Georgia Institute of Technology. Research in various aspects of design includes investigation of the creative exploration involved in solving problems.

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