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Europe (Subscribe)


United Kingdom (190)
Ukraine (4)
Switzerland (1)
Sweden (3)
Spain (17)
Slovenia (2)
Serbia (13)
Russia (19)
Romania (8)
Portugal (0)
Poland (3)
Norway (11)
Netherlands (8)
Montenegro (1)
Malta (4)
Macedonia (3)
Lithuania (5)
Italy (33)
Isle of Man (2)
Ireland (18)
Iceland (5)
Hungary (2)
Greece (35)
Germany (10)
France (18)
Finland (4)
Estonia (2)
Denmark (5)
Czech Republic (2)
Croatia (4)
Bulgaria (18)
Belgium (4)
Austria (3)
Albania (13)


Yahoo Groups: European Archaeology

Moderated discussion group for European prehistoric and historic archaeology.

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Valetta Convention

The European Convention on the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage (Revised), signed at Valetta, 16.1.1992. Full text from the Council of Europe.

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A database of Bronze Age burials from Western Europe. Also features links to museums with relevant collections.

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The Bronze Age in Europe

Index of links to webpages about the Bronze Age in Europe. Available in German and English, set up by Bernd Sprenzel.

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Illustrations of artefacts dating from the first 16 centuries of the modern era from England, Greece and Portugal. Hosted by Oxfordshire County Council.

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Jared Diamond on the Indo-European Expansion

Provides a summary of the case for an Indo-European expansion covering the last 5000 years.

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Searchable database of samples of flint and similar materials collected by Rengert Elburg and Paul van der Kroft in Central Europe. Search by location or type.

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European Rock Art and Petroglyphs (EURA)

Rock Art in Europe and in the Alps, one of the best way to understand prehistoric conceptuality. Includes, articles and many links.

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European Pre-History News

An index of current news articles on European prehistory.

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Bodies of the Bogs

An illustrated feature from Archaeology on the remains of many hundreds of people which have come to light during peat cutting in northwestern Europe.

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Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Politics in the National Museums of the ex-Yugoslavia

The conversion of the ex-republics of Yugoslavia into new nations has launched the creation of basic state institutions in each country. National museums are one institution recreated in this process.

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Archaeology in Europe

Field trips, study tours, archaeology courses, etc.

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Archaeological Records of Europe Networked Access - ARENA

Concerned with conservation and presentation of the European archaeological heritage through new information technologies. Partners, resources, activities, conferences and objectives.

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Antiquity: Start of the Mesolithic-Neolithic Transition in North-West Europe

Article by Jim Innes, Jeff Blackford and Peter Rowley-Conwy about the palynological evidence that demonstrates how changes in ecological and economic impacts may well accompany significant culture change.

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