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Tutai Chaukundi / Baluch Tombs

From Pakistan News, The chivalrous Kalmatis have no written history and the major evidences of their tribal activity is reflected through their graves in these sort of graveyards.

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Temple at Katas Satg, Hara Temple

From PakTribune, main group of old temples, called Satghara, is located on a higher flat land west of the once-sacred pool of natural springs whereas all along the northern and eastern sides, but across the modem metal led road, there is a series of two groups of minor temples, shrines and rock-cut chilla-ghah of Sadhus.

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Rock Carvings and Inscriptions Along the Karakorum Highway

After the construction of the Karakorum Highway, thousands of petroglyphs were discovered. Includes: an introduction, publications, bibliography, images, and links.

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Light Shining From a Dark Age?

From the University of Bradford published News and Views, a report on excavations by Robin Coningham, Taj Ali, Mukhtar Ali Durrani, and Ihsan Ali have cast new light on this enigmatic site.

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Kashmir Discovery

From outlookindia, excavators have stumbled into the remains of a bustling ancient urban settlement in Anantnag District with tiled pavements "stamped in colourful human and animal motifs" and incriptions in the now defunct Karoshti script.

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First City Site Unearthed Properly at Hazara

From Daily Times, Dr Saifur Rehman Dar, an archaeologist and former director of the Lahore Museum gave a presentation on the process he and his team went through in unearthing a city at Hazara.

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Daily Star - Archaeological Sites in Disarray

Articles stating that archaeological sites are poorly maintained as the Department of Archaeology under the Ministry of Cultural Affairs due to a funding crisis and manpower shortage.

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BBC News - Tourists Injured in Pakistan Blast

Nine foreigners are injured in a grenade attack while visiting an archaeological site in northern Pakistan.

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BBC News - Pakistan Rescues Ancient Buddhist Statues

Officials in Pakistan say that ancient statues, worth millions of dollars, have been seized as they were being smuggled abroad.

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