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  Archaeology: Periods and Cultures: Sogdia

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The Migration of the Yuezhi through Sogdia

Article by Craig Benjamin. Following the defeat of the formerly powerful Yuezhi confederation by the Xiongnu near Dunhuang in c.162 BCE, the Yuezhi dynasty and those tribes that remained loyal to it commenced a migration away from the Gansu that was destined to completely reshape the geopolitics of ancient Inner Asia.

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The Late Sogdian Costume: 5th - 8th cc. C.E.

Article by Sergey A. Yatsenko. Two periods in the history of the Sogdian costume can be singled out: Heptalitian (5th to 6th cc.) and Turcic (7th to the beginning of the 8th c.).

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Yahoo! Groups. An open, unmoderated forum for the discussion of the history of Sogdian communities in Transoxiana and beyond, and the relations of these communities with other communities and civilizations of Eurasia.

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Sogd under Turkish Rule during VIth-VIIIth Centuries

Article by Gaybullah Babayarov. After the victory of the Turks over the Hephthalite armies near Nakhshab in 560s, Sogdiana was incorporated into the Turkish Qaghanate until the first quarter of VIIIth century.

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