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Willcox, George

Contains reference material from this Researcher with the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. Focused on archaeobotany of his research projects in Near Eastern archaeobotany.

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Ward, Cheryl A.

Brief profile of this Florida State University Assistant Professor. Research interests include nautical archaeology and archaeobotany.

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Wagner, Gail E.

Detailed profile of this Associate Professor in Washington University - St. Louis. Research interests include prehistoric archaeology of eastern North America and ethnobotany.

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Naomi F. Miller

Personal website with bibliographies of Near Eastern archaeobotanical reports, list of publications, and watercolors of archaeological and archaeobotanical interest

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Jones, Glynis

An expert in ancient plant remains and early agriculture, with particular reference to Britain and the Mediterranean region. She is a member of the Sheffield Centre for Aegean Archaeology.

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Heiss, Andreas G.

Curriculum vitae and current archaeobotany projects of this University of Innsbruck/University of Vienna researcher. Research interests include plant macrofossil analysis, vegetation history, and especially wood anatomy. Downloadable interactive identification key for European and North American woods.

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Hastorf, Christine

Profile of this University of California, Berkeley Associate Professor. Research interests include paleoethnobotany and south-central Andean Formative political and social trends.

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Directory of Palynologists

Organized by country this directory lists the contact information and research interests of palynologists from many subdisciplines of palynology and many geographic regions.

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