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There Were Giants on the Earth

Article compiled by Glen W. Chapman in 2004 from various sources presenting extensive archaeological evidence of an extinct race of quasi-giants that once roamed North America.

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Ice-Age Indian Art

Provides an interpretation of some unusual stacking stones washed out of an Illinois cornfield in 2002. Spear points found with them date them to the pre-Clovis Paleo-Indian Period.

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Fort Mountain State Park, Georgia

How did the wall at Fort Mountain get built? This puzzle has intrigued men since its discovery. A Georgia State Park near Chatsworth

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Figure Stones: America's (almost) Invisible Prehistory

Photos and descriptions of iconographic artifacts from a confirmed prehistoric habitation site in southeastern Ohio. Includes details of research and verification of both lithic and organic artifact material and evidence of prehistoric iron smelting including radiocarbon dating.

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Ancient Giants of North America

Explores archeological anomalies that suggest an extinct race of extremely tall people distinct from Amerindians once inhabited portions of North America.

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