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  Anomalies & Science: Historical Anomalies and Revisionism: Afrocentrist Models

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NPR Talk of the Nation - Afrocentrism

In this audio of a discussion on National Public Radio, author and professor Mary Lefkowitz debates Afrocentrism with professor Maulana Karenga. [1 hour 40 minute streaming audio broadcast]

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Martin Bernal's "Black Athena" by Mark Alford

Discusses Bernal's views on African influences on the Grecian and Egyptian cultures.

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Afrocentricity as a Quest for Cultural Unity: Reading Diop in English

Dr. Greg Moses presented this paper at the National Association for African American Studies in 1995. In it he argues that Afrocentricity is not a provocation of traditional history, but is a balance and a complement to it.

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