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Venus in the Corner Pocket

Looks at the theory put forth in his 1950s text Worlds in Collision, and geologists' and physicists' reactions to it.

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Velikovsky Still Colliding

A look at how Velikovsky's ideas stand after recent scientific discoveries

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The Work of Velikovsky

Excerpt from a book by Robert R. Newton, focusing on eclipses and Velikovsky's chronology.

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The Velikovskian, A Journal of Myth, History and Science

The journal that investigates the works and theories of Immanuel Velikovsky.

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The Immanuel Velikovsky Archive

An archive of Velikovsky's unpublished writings, maintained by a team of historians. Includes an autobiography, lectures, essays, correspondence, a downloadable documentary video, psychoanalytic papers, and articles about earth events and catastrophes.

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Skeptic's Dictionary: Worlds in Collision

"The essence of Velikovsky's unreasonableness lies in the fact that he does not provide scientific evidence for his most extravagant claims."

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Myth Versus Mathematics

Velikovsky's theory that some 3,500 years ago, and again 700 years later, the earth was affected by the appearance in the sky of a giant comet which eventually became the planet Venus.

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Collected Essays of Immanuel Velikovsky

Includes papers on the basis of his theories, prediction in science, the origin of diamonds, fallacies of radiocarbon dating, and other topics.

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