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Cornelis Slenters on FTL popular

The LOTA philosophy of science makes certain predictions about the type of signals that can exceed the speed of light. The site provides an introduction to the LOTA philosophy of science, emerging theories and a debate on several hot issues in science, including: Superluminal motion.

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Tachyonic Metaphysics

Using tachyons to explain quantum gravity, the substance of angels, and actual magic, among many previously unexplained phenomena.

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Superluminal Near-field Electromagnetic Fields

By William D. Walker. Electromagnetic fields emitted by an electric dipole have been experimentally observed to propagate faster than the speed of light in the nearfield of the dipole source, confirming standard theoretical expectations.

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New Lorentz Formulation

Lorentz formulation allowing superluminal values by Vitor Baranauskas presented at CERN.

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Faster than light Physics

Review of Lorentz transformations and foundations of Superluminal Relativity Theory

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